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                              R.A.J. Electric has been a Certified Generac Sales and Service Dealer since 1999

 In 2018, Costco chose R.A.J. Electric to be the Generac Generator vendor in both the Palm Beach Gardens and Royal Palm Beach warehouses. We offer Free quotes on a generator purchase or replacement ranging from a portable to a 150kw Liquid Cooled unit. We employ trained technicians to install, maintain and repair all makes and models of Generac generators. Mobile monitoring is the latest technology that affords the owners and our repair department to be alerted if your generator needs any attention. We have the capability to remotely start your generator and do minor diagnostics from our office using the state of the art software available to monitor the status of your generator. Our customers that are using MobileLink to keep watch over their generator 24/7, can rest assured that when they need their generator to perform, it is ready to go.

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Generator Financing is available through Synchrony

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Don’t Be Powerless!

Living in South Florida, it is not if but when we will experience turbulent weather and power outages. An average power outage in our area lasts, on average, 5 days. That’s 5 days with no air conditioning, no refrigerator, no hot water, no internet, no television, and no computers. Worse yet, if your indoor home temperature rises above 77’, humidity rises and mold will begin to germinate, creating an unhealthy living environment and costly remediation.

A permanently installed Generac Generator home backup generator protects your home automatically whether you are at home or away. It runs on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel and sits outside just like a central air conditioning unit. A home backup generator delivers power directly to your home’s electrical system. You can choose to back up your entire home or select the most essential items to power.

Our experienced installers will prepare the site outside your home where your generator will be placed, run the natural gas or LP fuel line, install the transfer switch, and make all of the necessary electrical connections, a complete turnkey installation. We will show you the basics of how your generator works and make sure that your backup generator runs properly, and is ready for its first power outage.

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Costco Vender for Generac Since 2018 

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Generac Generator

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