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Power Surges Can Cause Serious Damage


One of the most disheartening phone call we receive is an owner saying the power is on, but none of my appliances, TV or air condition is working. We know immediately that they have experiences a power surge to their electrical panel.

What Causes Power Surges?

External surges which forms 20% to 25% of all surges, are surges that generate from outside our house or building. For example, over-voltages from lightning strikes will tend to hit the nearby power lines causing a huge tidal wave of electrical current running into your company or home electrical. Other common external surges include power current interruptions like power wires getting hit by strong winds, repair works, maintenance work at power utility which will all cause electrical disturbance on the power lines into your service panel and the point in which power is restored after an outage. Internal surges which form more than 80% of all surges are usually generated continuously from electrical appliances power cycles on and off on a frequent basis. For example, a hot water heater will typically heat up the water a few times a day, causing frequent electrical disturbances and surges.

What do Surge Protectors Do?

Surge protectors stop power system issues before entering your home or business. Service panel surge protectors regulate the flow of power, helping your circuits function more reliably. Surge protectors help you avoid damage from sudden power surges that occur anytime, including a sunny day with no bad weather conditions.  

What Do You Need Power Surge Protection For?

Surge protectors help your appliances and electronics run more effectively. Slight power surges can reduce the life of anything in your home or business with a control board. Some of these examples in your home are televisions, computers, refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, oven, cable TV box, internet modem, air conditioner, garage door opener and printers.  Surge protectors save your business equipment, for example computers, monitors, alarms, telephone systems, and manufacturing equipment are just a few of the things that can be damaged by a power surge or lightning strike. Nothing’s worse than having a business event go south due to an electrical issue. A surge protector helps make sure that electricity is running as it should to all of the equipment you’re using to run your home and/or office. Make a smart investment in surge protectors and save these pieces of equipment that are vital to your business.

Will You Need to Use Plug In Surge Protection In Addition to Panel Surge Protection?

Our philosophy is “you can never have enough surge protection”. We recommend to have your expensive electronics and components plugged into a surge protector power strip. Not all surge protectors are created equally, purchase high quality surge protectors. Many come with USB outlets to charge your cell phones as well.

What is the Difference In a Utility Company Surge Protector and One R.A.J. Electric Installs?

Many electrical utility companies market and sell surge protection to be added to your electrical meter. They add a service fee to your monthly electrical bill until you advise them to discontinue. The average cost is $45 installation fee and $16 +taxes a month added to your monthly electrical bill.   The first year of use will cost you $248 (including taxes and installation), then $203 a year thereafter. R.A.J. Electric will install an equivalent panel surge protector for $289 with no further charges. After 5 years of a utility company installed surge protector you will have spent $1,060!

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Image by Felix Mittermeier
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